Our Office

officeOn your first visit, you will have the opportunity to receive a comprehensive and thorough exam with Dr. Pan. Your visit begins when our very friendly and experienced front desk coordinators, Jenny or Connie, who will greet you and help you with the new patient registration process. (Our registrations forms are also available in Chinese – please ask us should you need it.)

While you are filling out the registration form in our comfortably designed living room style waiting area, you can enjoy the soothing sound of water cascading behind two gorgeous water falls situated perfectly next to the warm and inviting fireplace. You will truly feel a sense of tranquility and ease (as opposed to popular opinions of dental offices being fear bearing and unwelcoming).  Surely you will also enjoy the numerous studio-style glamor shots of our staff noticeably hung on every corner, proudly showing off their beautiful teeth and million dollar smiles and each staff will be more than happy to get to know you on a more personal level. 

After you have completed the registration form, you will be escorted in to our exam and hygiene room by our dental assistants Joyce or Ivy. All our exam and hygiene rooms have beautiful views overlooking the Cupertino Library and its festivities especially on weekends. Even more stellar in the autumn is getting your comprehensive exam and teeth cleaning while taking in the full breath-taking view of fall foliage red, orange and yellow on perfectly lined trees on Torre Avenue facing our windows. Joyce or Ivy will make sure you are comfortable in the dental chair and then take some basic x-rays for Dr. Pan to evaluate and discuss with you later (our x-rays are all digital, therefore, you will be able to view your images directly on a computer screen in front of your chair within 5 minutes).

After the x-rays are taken, our highly trained and experienced hygienist Anna, Lynn or Justine will introduce herself and go over in detail your medical and dental history with you as well as answer any questions you may have with regards to the teeth cleaning process, oral hygiene or simply about our office in general. All our hygienists graduated top of the class from renowned hygiene schools in California and have repeatedly proven their capabilities and professionalism and have all received much compliments from patients and Dr. Pan. General teeth cleaning takes about 45 minutes with our hygienist. After the cleaning, Anna, Lynn or Justine will perform periodontal charting (soft tissue charting) and provide important oral hygiene instructions. 

After the cleaning, Dr. Pan will perform an in-depth oral cancer screening and charting of existing restorations and oral conditions and if needed, he will take some intraoral pictures. After this comprehensive exam, Dr. Pan will spend a good amount of time explaining his findings and recommendations as he goes over the x-rays and if intraoral pictures are taken, those will be discussed as well to further clarify the diagnosis.

Jenny, our insurance coordinator will document Dr. Pan’s recommendations into a treatment plan and go over fees and insurance coverage with you in detail. Jenny will also help in coordinating the scheduling of your next appointment(s). She will escort you to her front desk for reappointment and please do not hesitate to ask her any questions you may have regarding treatment(s), insurance, fees or anything you may have forgotten to ask while in the dental chair. We are always here to serve our patients and make sure everyone leaves with a wonderful experience and clear understanding.

* Everyone gets a goody bag before leaving, but kids get special prizes in our treasure chest